The Merseyside Transport Trust



Fleet number:

 UKA 562H
Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 902924
Alexander L 'Jumbo' 2L1/2268/1
November 1969
Current Status:
Restored and in use

1111 (UKA 562H) is notable in not only being the last bus to be delivered to
Liverpool Corporation but it was also the first bus to enter service with the
Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive. It was one of a batch of forty
Leyland Atlanteans that had been ordered by the Corporation before the
MPTE took over on 1st December 1969.

The 40 PDR2/1 Atlanteans delivered in 1969/70 were numbered 1111-1150.
They were just a few inches short of 33 foot long, with a wheelbase of
18ft 6in. The Alexander bodywork had a seating capacity of 79, 47 in the
upper saloon and 32 in the lower with a front entrance and a centre exit.
They continued the Liverpool features of peaked roof domes and polished
ribbed alloy skirt panels.

Two batches of basically similar buses were delivered between 1970 and 1972.
These 125 buses earned the predictable nickname "Jumbos" due to their size
and seating capacity.

1111, along with 1112, 1114 and1116, entered service on 15th December 1969 operating from Green Lane on the reintroduced limited stop service 510 between Central Station and Prescot. February 1974 saw 1111 move to Walton garage to work on various cross-city services between Aigburth & Fazakerley and Dingle & Walton. It was at Edge Lane Works for its main overhaul between May and August 1976 returning to Walton on its re-certification. It remained at Walton until July 1979 when it was transferred to Gillmoss.

Withdrawn when its five year PSV test certificate expired in June 1982, it was transferred to the driving school remaining in use as a driver training vehicle until October 1986.

After the de-regulation of bus services in Liverpool on 26th October 1986 Merseybus assumed control of most of the MPTE's vehicles and routes. The vehicles that were not required by the new organisation were gathered together for disposal in Prince Alfred Road garage, which had been declared surplus and closed.

The MPTE kindly donated 1111 and 1236 to the Mersey & Calder BPG for preservation and 1111 was collected from PAR in November 1986.

Restoration was started immediately, but had to be stopped when the group lost some of its secure undercover accommodation. After a period of open storage, the restoration continued. It has now been repainted back into the early MPTE livery complete with the "Magic Roundabout 69" logo .

1111 now appears at many MTT events and in 2011 the bus celebrated 25 years in preservation!


Above:  1111's first day in service - 15th December 1969, and in verona livery in the 1970s.

Right: 1111 at Penny Lane on our 2007 Running Day.