The Merseyside Transport Trust



Fleet number:

BKC 276K
Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1 7200377
Alexander AL AL1/971/41
May 1972
Current Status:
Under Restoration

  1276 (BKC 276K) was first registered in May 1972. It was part of a batch of vehicles
  delivered to the MPTE and other operators as a PDR1A/1 (Special), the ‘special’ signifying
  that it was a precursor to the AN68 designation. Being in the same batch as MTT’s 1236, it
  was part of a diverted order from Midland Red.

  With the second version of the Wirral Division blue and cream livery, it initially operated out of
  the Laird Street garage until more one-man operated vehicles were delivered at the end of the
  year. Transferring to Seaview 1973, it remained there until summer 1986 being
  transferred to Edge Lane for use as a towing vehicle. Reinstated by Merseybus early in 1987,
  it went to Walton garage until withdrawal in 1988.

  It was then donated to Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council for use as a "CrimeBuster"
  bus. Painted maroon it led quite a shy life and was even based at Fareway’s garage in

  Sometime in the mid 1990s it made the trip to Surrey where it was used by a youth group, being billetted at the former Caterham Barracks until 2001 when it was sold for similar use in Pershore with a church group.

It was preserved in May 2005, making the move to Burscough in the October and being placed on loan to the Trust. Work so far has included sourcing replacement seats and removing the interior cupboards and partitions fitted as part of its later life, together with removing orange, purple and blue paint splashed all over virtually every surface inside.

Although delivered as part of the same batch as the Trust’s 1236, the detail differences in the Alexander body are numerous.

It is hoped to restore this bus in Wirral division MPTE livery.