The Merseyside Transport Trust



Fleet number:

Registration no:

Bristol LHS6L

E.C.W. 21585


July 1976

Current status:
In use.

Yorkshire-registered MUA 45P is a 1976 Bristol LHS6L, new to West Yorkshire PTE, (fleet number 45), and was one of five that spent four years operating with Merseyside PTE between 1980 and 1984. It has recently been purchased from its current owner who was reluctantly selling the bus to concentrate on his many other projects.

The Bristol LHS was the smallest of the under-floor engined chassis produced by Bristol being only 24’ long and 7’ 6” wide. Powered by a 6.5 litre engine these midi buses were somewhat overpowered! 2160 carries bodywork by Eastern Coach Works with very comfortable dual-purpose seating for just twenty-seven.

Although initially only loaned from West Yorkshire PTE, the five buses were soon acquired and numbered 2156 – 2160 in the MPTE fleet and allocated to Walton and Garston. They were placed in service on the newly introduced Toxteth and Vauxhall community bus services (route 100, called ‘The Link Up’, and route 101 ‘The Round-a-bout’) but later saw use on the 102 Walton – Broadgreen Hospital when that route was introduced in September 1983. A couple of them also spent some time at Seaview Road Garage on the Wirral for use on the 27.

The arrival of the ten slightly larger Duple bodied Dennis Lancets (nos 7021 -7030) in 1983 rendered the little Bristols surplus to requirements and they were then loaned and soon afterwards sold to Nottingham Corporation. After that, 2160 passed to a number of subsequent operators before being acquired by its last owner in 2001. It was initially restored in its original WYPTE livery before being repainted into WYPTE Metrotrain livery.

Once the bus was restored and repainted in double quick time, it became a regular sight at many of the Trust's events. It is, however, currently sidelined whilst we attend to some mechanical repairs with the intention of bringing it back into service in 2017.

(Updated: 06/05/2017).