The Merseyside Transport Trust



Fleet number:

MKB 994
AEC Regent III
January 1952
Current Status: 
Awaiting restoration


A801 at the Pier Head with sister A766 On service 40 in Huyton  On arrival at Burscough.

A801 is the sole surviving member of a batch of 50 AEC Regent III 9613As that Liverpool Corporation ordered in the autumn of 1950. Fitted with the AEC A218 9.6 litre engine manual transmission and Crossley 56 seat bodies, these were Liverpool's first 8-foot wide buses.

Liverpool took advantage of the extra width and altered the front destination layout to one that had two identical sized apertures, one for the final destination and the other for the intermediate points. A three-track number box sat above these. This layout became standard on all the double deck buses until the introduction of One-Man-Operation in the late 1960s.

A801 was amongst the last of the batch to be delivered, arriving in January 1952. It spent its first 7 years allocated to Prince Alfred Road garage before being reallocated to Edge Lane in November 1959. It was Withdrawn from passenger carrying service on the 1st July 1968 but it was then transferred to the Driving School where it survived only for a few more months before being withdrawn in the middle of January 1969.

Along with sister vehicle A776, A801 was sold to J & P Jacobs of Long Lane, Liverpool, for use as staff transport. A801 was eventually purchased for preservation by the Group in 1977 but like most Crossley bodied vehicles, it suffers from severe tin worm.

Like a number of the Group's vehicles, it has been kept undercover for many years, until the resources become available for it to be rebuilt and once again it can grace the streets of Liverpool.

Although A801 (now part of the Merseyside Transport Trust Collection) is going to be one of the Trust’s most challenging restoration projects, the Trust is confident that is has the ability to carry out the necessary work to restore the bus to its former glory in the future.