The Merseyside Transport Trust




Make our 1968 Leyland Panther operate on any route you choose!

This page has been built with younger bus enthusiasts in mind, but even the most senior members of the Merseyside Transport Trust have admitted having hours of fun with this.

The full instructions are to the right of the page.



1. Left-click on the column of the destination or route number blinds that you want to change.

2. Use the "down arrow" or "up arrow" keys on your keyboard to move the blinds one space at a time. (If you try to move them with the scroll wheel on your mouse they tend to jump several spaces at a time!)

3. Use the "down arrow" key first, as the picture loads up with "00A AIGBURTH" showing at the top ends of the blinds.

4. Blank spaces are at the bottom end of each blind. If a blank is showing, you need to use the "up arrow" key to move.

5. A bit of poetic licence has been used, and rather than a North or South Division blind, we have tried to squeeze in most Liverpool locations, all in alphabetical order.

6. When you've set the blinds, you can print off the page, and claim to have seen 1054 on all sorts of strange workings!