The Merseyside Transport Trust


The Merseyside Transport Trust (MTT) was set up on the 1st May 1999 to bring together people with a common interest in saving, restoring and preserving historic vehicles and associated items from the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive, its constituent corporation fleets and other operators within the Merseyside Area, so that former passengers and the general public will remember them and be able to look back on them. In addition, future generations will have an opportunity to learn about the historic development of the design of buses in the Merseyside area over the years, and to understand and appreciate, as part of the educational process, the predecessors of the vehicles that they come to use or observe on a daily basis.

The MTT inherited a number of vehicles, spares and other transport related memorabilia along with the use of three of the four old aircraft hangers that the M&CBPG rented on the disused airfield at Burscough in West Lancashire, approximately 15 miles north of Liverpool.

Although the MTT and its predecessors have had the use of the rented accommodation at Burscough for over thirty years, it is the MTT's main aim to locate and secure additional accommodation nearer to Liverpool to ensure the long term future for our collection of historic vehicles.

It is hoped that by having a base in Liverpool more people will become aware of the MTT and its collection. The extra space will also allow the development of a definitive collection that comprehensively reflects bus design, development and operation in the Merseyside area between 1946 and the end of the 20th Century.