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All photographs on this page are copyright John Salmon 1978.

The lost film - As a sixteen-year-old, John Salmon took these old black and white pictures and attempted to develop the film himself. Unfortunately, it was under-exposed so the pictures were never printed and the film was stored away in an old box for over thirty years until it was rediscovered. Technology that wasn't around in 1978 has enabled the pictures to be extracted, although the quality isn't very good.


A visit to the Pier Head in 1978 produced these shots of L509 (509 KD), which was destined to become the last of the LCPT Atlanteans to remain in service, (until 1981), and 1429 (EKD 429L), the front seat cushion of which looks decidedly dodgy!

LF05A - Copy

Back on ground level at the Pier Head, this view shows eleven Atlanteans, varying in age from 13 years to brand new, and one Metropolitan tucked away in the far corner.

Traffic marshal Eric Gaydou can be seen walking away from the camera, his huge white plastic armbands being the nearest thing at the time to "hi-viz".


Green Lane Graveyard - by 1978 large numbers of Leyland Panthers were parked up. A few were to reappear with centre doors blocked off, but all those in these pictures had already carried their last passengers in Liverpool. Most were scrapped, but a few survived with other operators.

Above left: 1045 (FKF 924F) is first in a line of twelve Panthers.
Above right: 1078 (RKA 957G) and three others await their fate.
Left: Scania 4009 (CKD 409L) and Panther 1106 (RKA 985G) at Green Lane.


Leyland Panther 1053

(FKF 932G) speeds past Calderstones Park on Menlove Avenue, with Garston driver Charlie Kelly at the wheel.