The Merseyside Transport Trust



Fleet number:

VKB 841
Leyland Titan PD2/20 562489
Crossley 5443
September 1957
Current Status:
Awaiting restoration

  This bus was one of a batch of 35 Leyland Titan PD2/20s with Crossley bodywork,
  and was officially allocated to Edge Lane garage on 15th September 1957, the day
  after the last tram ran in service in Liverpool.

  It had probably entered service the day before, as the tramway operation of the 6A
  to Bowring Park and the 40 to Page Moss was gradually replaced by buses from
  mid-day on the 14th.

  These 35 Titans (L310 to L344) were ordered at the same time as the 35 AEC
  Regent Vs (A233 to A267) in order to complete the tramway conversion
  programme. These orders were extended by a further 25 chassis each so as to
  cover for the closure of the Liverpool Overhead Railway in December 1956.

L320 remained allocated to Edge Lane throughout its working life with the LCPT and the MPTE until it was withdrawn on 17th December 1973. It then became one of a number of ex-Liverpool PD2/20s to be converted into play-buses, L320 finally ending up in the Runcorn/Widnes area as a community play-bus.

After ending its days as a play-bus, the Mersey & Calder BPG acquired L320 in 1984 for use as a donor vehicle for spare parts, as the body structure has extensive corrosion and it has also been totally stripped of all its bus fittings and seats,

Fortunately, it has remained stored undercover for over twenty five years. Whilst its restoration is not impossible (former garage towing bus, L252 was also acquired for spares and the body was carefully dismantled with the view of using the parts to re-build L320 should anyone be willing to do so), time and finance is currently being directed at more realistic projects.


L320 is pictured on service 6A in the

early 1960s.