The Merseyside Transport Trust


Our thanks go to Norman Daley, who kindly sent the seven photographs on this page, taken between 1967 and 1974.

They evoke the atmosphere of those glorious days when there was plenty of variety on the bus scene.


Taken at the Pier Head around 1967, the two photos above show AEC Regent III A99 (NKD 599). The second bus in the picture on the right appears to be AEC Regent V A104 (SKB 104).


Left: South Castle Street, around 1969. Three Atlanteans line up on service 26, the Sheil Road Circular, headed by L744 (FKF 744C), the only one of the three that hasn't yet been converted for one-person-operation.
Right: "Over the water" at Woodside around the same time, with a nice mix of Birkenhead and Crosville buses.


A lovely shot catching the atmosphere of Lord Street, Liverpool around 1974. The Atlantean on service 510 is L500 (500 KD), the first of Liverpool's production Atlanteans.


Left: This shot was taken around 1974 in Lord Street, Southport. Having just been absorbed into the MPTE, Southport were obviously taking advantage by borrowing a new Liverpool bus, Atlantean 1233 (XKC 860K).
Right: The Traveller Ticket bus hiding behind Williamson Square before the permanent enquiry office was opened.