The Merseyside Transport Trust


Roger Newport was working for the MPTE as Assistant Traffic Superintendent (Wirral) when he took these photographs in 1972. His work occasionally took him to Liverpool (the MPTE headquarters at 24 Hatton Garden) and he took the first two pictures in the City Centre. The others were taken in Birkenhead and Wallasey.  (Unless stated otherwise, all the photos on this page are COPYRIGHT Roger Newport).


Left:  L309 (VKB 765), an unpainted Leyland PD2/30 with Crossley/MCCW bodywork, new to Liverpool Corporation in December 1961.
Above: L778 (FKF 778D), a Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean with Metro-Cammell body still retains the original destination layout. L778 was the last Liverpool Atlantean to be converted to OMO layout. (E2 never was!)


(Photo: Tony Salmon)

152 (GCM 152E) is a Leyland PD2/37 with Massey H36/30R bodywork, seen (left) in 1972, and (above) restored to original condition at an event in 2006.


(Photo: Tony Salmon)

This Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean with Metro-Cammell H44/33F body was new in December 1958 as Wallasey No. 1 (FHF 451), later being renumbered 201. It is seen in preservation in October 2006 and (right) outside Seaview Road garage in 1972.


Above left: 65 (MCM 965), a Leyland PD2/40 with Massey H35/30R body, new in November 1962 and still carrying the Birkenhead coat of arms almost three years into the MPTE era; with 19 (HCM 519), also a Leyland PD2/40, but with Massey H33/28R body, dating from May 1959.
Above right: 212 (HHF 12), 272 (BHF 491), an engineless 113 (BBG 113C) and 271 (BHF 490).


Above: 364 (DCM 984) was a Leyland PD2/12 with East Lancs H31/28R body, new in June 1955

Left: 371 (DCM 991) was a Leyland PD2/12 with Weymann H33/26R body, new in July 1955.


Above: 259 (CBG 559) - a Leyland PD2/12 with Weymann H33/26R bodywork, new in 1954.

Right: 58 (LCM 458) - a Leyland PD2/40 with East Lancs H37/28R body. This bus was new in November 1961.


Above left: 218 - formerly Wallasey 18 - (HHF 18), a Leyland PDR1/1 Atlantean with Metro Cammell H44/33F body, new in March 1960.
Above right: 171 (MBG 371H), a Leyland PDR1A/1 Atlantean with Northern Counties H44/27D body, new in February 1970.

We would like to express our gratitude to Roger Newport for allowing us exclusive use of these photographs, which capture some of the atmosphere of the Birkenhead area in 1972. Was that really a whole 40 years ago?