The Merseyside Transport Trust


When is it happening?

Our eighth annual Running Day event takes place on Sunday 8th September 2013.

What time?
The main services will run between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm. There will be "feeder" journeys on various routes from the north of the city before 10.00 am, and some eturning after the main event.

Where will it take place?
The hub of all the activity will be Liverpool South Parkway Interchange. The routes served will be mainly pre-deregulation LCPT and MPTE services as follows:
4 & 5: Woolton (Hunts Cross Avenue) via Menlove Avenue, Penny Lane to Pier Head.
66B: Woolton (Hunts Cross Avenue) to South Parkway.
77A: Speke Hall (inside grounds) via South Parkway, Mather Avenue, Penny Lane to Pier Head.
87 & H25: South Parkway via Aigburth, Dingle to Pier Head.
There will be some additional services on other routes, including services 25, 84, 85, 188 and H1.
Some feeder journeys will operate towards South Parkway or the Pier Head from north Liverpool early in the morning. Details of these are listed lower down this page, but everything is in the PROGRAMME BOOKLET. This will be available at South Parkway, or from bus crews on the day or you can order in advance (details below).

Which buses will be operating?
The plans are not quite finalised yet, but it is hoped to run most of the following buses, some of which are visitors:-
LCPT:  A36 (NKD 536), A267 (VKB 900), L501 (501 KD), L835 (FKF 835E) 1054 (FKF 933G), 2025 (SKB 695G).
MPTE: 1111 (UKA 562H), 1236 (BKC 236K), 2160 (MUA 45P).
Merseybus: 1003 (A323 GLV), 1070 (B926 KWM).
Crosville: ERG 52 (UFM 52F).
National Express (Maidstone & District): 4771 (XGS 771X).

How much does it cost?
All the bus services are free! For only £5.00, this special souvenir booklet contains timetables and route details of all the services, as well as the allocation of vehicles*.

This booklet will be available from our volunteers at South Parkway, and from bus crews on the day.
You can order a copy in advance by sending a cheque or postal order (payable to "Merseyside Transport Trust") to:
3 Sunflower Close, Bold, St Helens,

*The programme identifies the "board number" of each bus, because final allocation was not possible before the printer's
  deadline. Sheets with the final allocation will be available at the event, and will be posted on this website page as soon as it
  is available. Please call back.......

How do we get there?
  By bus - local bus services (mainly Arriva) run regularly to South Parkway. (See also our own feeder journeys listed below).
  By train - services from many parts of the country call in at South Parkway.
  By car - there is ample parking at South Parkway. The entrance is on Woolton Road, enter L19 5NE in your satnav.
  By boat - take the Mersey Ferry to the Pier Head and join our services at Mann Island.
  By plane - simply park your aeroplane at the John Lennon Airport, and it's only a ten-minute ride on Arriva service 80A.

Bringing your own bus or coach?
If you are organising a group visit to Liverpool (and we are aware that several bus museums or enthusiast groups from around the UK may be doing this), there will be spaces to park behind the main concourse. Please let us know in advance if you are bringing a bus or coach, so that we can reserve you a place and give you further information. You can download an application form by clicking this button:

  Are there facilities for the disabled?
  Unfortunately, the age and design of our buses means that wheelchairs and unfolded buggies cannot be carried.
  However, the facilities at South Parkway and the Pier Head are wheelchair-accessible, including toilets.

Feeder journeys
Listed below are journeys from outlying areas to the Pier Head or Liverpool South Parkway before the main event gets
under way. If you travel on one of these, you can buy a programme from the conductor and plan the rest of your day.

Netherton, Magdalene Square 0850 0900 0910 Netherton, Magdalene Square 0845 0915
Seaforth & Litherland Station 0902 0912 0912 Bootle New Strand 0901 0931
Sandhills Lane 0914 0924 0934 Scotland Rd/Stanley Rd 0910 0940
Pier Head, Mann Island 0925 0935 0945 Pier Head, Mann Island 0923 0953

Kirkby, Admin Gate 0904 Lower Lane 0904
Gillmoss Depot 0913 Green Lane/West Derby Rd 0915
Lower Lane 0917 Old Swan 0921
Spellow Lane 0926 Penny Lane 0930
Pier Head, Mann Island 0941

Ormskirk Bus Station 0850 St Helens, Bickerstaffe St 0945
Stanley Gate 0859 Whiston Hospital 1001
Rainford, Wheatsheaf 0909 Prescot, Hope & Anchor 1006
Windle Island 0920 Tarbock Corner 1016
St Helens, Bickerstaffe St 0936 Belle Vale Centre 1023
(continues as service 89>>>) Woolton, High Street 1028
South Parkway 1035

Ormskirk Bus Station 1020 Southport, Lord Street 0915 0945
Lydiate, Robbins Island 1032 Ainsdale, Natterjack 0927 0957
Old Roan Station 1043 Formby, Royal Hotel 0938 1008
Black Bull 1048 Crosby, George Hotel 0950 1020
Spellow Lane 1055 Waterloo, South Road 0953 1023
Pier Head, Mann Island 1110 Litherland, Bridge Road 0957 1027
Bootle New Strand 1003 1033
Pier Head, Mann Island 1015 1045

Kirkby Station 0945
Kirkby Civic Centre 0947
Field Lane, Valley Road 0954
Broadway 1004
Green Lane/West Derby Rd 1012
Sheil Road 1018
Pier Head, Mann Island 1035

Need more information?
Please get in touch - you can do this through the "contact us" page of this website.