The Merseyside Transport Trust


Stephen Phillips took these photographs in the 1980s and holds the copyright. We are grateful to him for letting us display them.

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Above: The Pier Head in 1980, showing L505 (505 KD) and L525 (525 KD).


Above left: The Pier Head in 1980 showing 1348 (DKC 348L) and "Jumbo" 1146 (UKA 597H).
Above right: The Pier head in 1986 featuring 1933 (ACM 933X).


Above: Atmospheric shots from 1986 showing (left) the Pier Head bus station and (right) Lord Street, with Atlantean 1857 (WWM 934W) on service 10 towards Prescot.


And finally, to keep our Crosville and Ribble fans happy, two more photographs taken in 1986.
Left: Crosville's Bristol VR YMB 506W is pictured near Conway Castle.
Right: Ribble Atlantean RTF 823M is seen at Skelhorne Street, Liverpool.