The Merseyside Transport Trust



Fleet number:
15 (later 215)

HHF 15
(Currently BHT 677A )
Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 591768
March 1960
Current Status: 
Under Restoration

  215 started life as Wallasey Corporation’s 15, delivered to their Seaview Road
  depot in the ornate livery still current when registered in March 1960. It also
  displays the alhambra mouldings on the ceiling panels.

  So it could operate as a one-man vehicle, it was given a door on the stairs which
  could be shut and locked preventing access upstairs; other vehicles so fitted had
  their stair door removed, but 215 managed retain it. It received Wallasey’s later
  simplified livery of sea green below the lower deck windows, upper window
  surrounds and roof, with cream in between. In July 1969 it was engaged in duties
  in Caernarfon associated with the Prince of Wales’ investiture.

  It transferred to the Merseyside PTE in December 1969 becoming 215 to avoid
  duplication with former Birkenhead vehicles, and was repainted in the Wirral
  Division’s first blue and cream livery. Further one-man operation changes came when it lost an offside front seat and gained a periscope; it therefore ended up with two mirrors on the upper deck ceiling – one at the front nearside corner, the other above the staircase. It was taken out of service towards the end of 1973,

It was sold to Primrose coaches of Bedminster, Bristol in April 1974, being eventually painted in a two-tone blue livery with white band. It remained in service there until 1996, latterly on schools contracts, providing Primrose with some 23 years’ service.

It was offered for sale at the end of 2002, travelling east to West Kent Bus and Coach near Sevenoaks but, with plans to paint it in Devon General livery coming to nought, it was offered sale in December that year.

In January 2004 a home at Hooton was eventually found to commence a life in preservation, the bus being transferred to Burscough in October 2005 and placed on loan to the Trust.

Many of the upright pillars have been found to be in an advanced state of rusting now common to much Metro-Cammell framework of the time, but new pillars have been fabricated and are currently being installed.

It is intended to return this vehicle to the light blue and cream Wirral Division PTE livery.


15 on arrival at Burscough