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LATEST ADDITIONS AND UPDATES ON THIS WEBSITE (not including minor items - some older links might no longer work)

30/08/2018: Final details for Running Day posted on Welcome page.
16/03/2018: Events page updated for 2018.
30/08/2017: Final details of Running Day included and Events page updated.
07/07/2017: Events page updated.
06/05/2017: Several vehicle profile pages updated. More updates and photos will be added soon.
03/01/2017: Events list for 2017 added.
20/10/2016: New e-mail address for membership matters.
13/12/2015: Events list for 2016 added.
14/08/2015: Vehicle entry forms for Running Day added.
03/11/2014: Events page updated.
06/07/2014: Contact us page updated.
06/04/2014: Details of LCPT B1 (TMM 191) added. YouTube page removed as Google block embedded videos!
03/04/2014: Details of Preston 14 (PRN 906) added.
14/03/2014: Events for 2014 added.
14/05/2013: Burscough Free Bus Day (18th May 2013) timetable uploaded to Events page.
18/04/2013: These pages were updated: Events, 1162, 1236.
03/04/2013: Details of West Lancs Classic Bus Day added to Welcome page.
22/01/2013: Events page updated with events for 2013.
16/12/2012: Full history of 7685 (D685 SEM) added, and Christmas decorations installed.
21/08/2012: Running Day page added, with information about our event on Sunday 9th September.
17/07/2012: Events updated to include Southport open-top tours.
25/05/2012: The latest bus to join our collection: MPTE Atlantean 1449 (GKA 449L).
25/05/2012: Another page of Old Photos by Stephen Phillips added.
24/05/2012: Details of Burscough Open Day updated on Welcome page.
31/03/2012: Details of the Easter Day "Buses to Belle Vale" event added to the Welcome page.
10/03/2012: Arrival of the Class 502 train added to the Welcome page.
14/02/2012: More old photos by Norman Daley added.
10/02/2012: Updates made to Events and Mugs pages.
15/01/2012: Dates of our "Buses to Belle Vale" event, open day and the annual Running Day added to Events page.
13/01/2012: Three more coffee mugs added to the collection.
03/01/2012: Last bus leaves the old hangars - video on Welcome page. Details of 1300 (DKC 300L) updated.
31/12/2011: More old photos by Roger Newport added.
29/12/2011: Old photos by Roger Newport and Mark Hodge added.
24/12/2011: The second coffee mug (of A267) is now available.
17/12/2011: New page added with details of the new official MTT coffee mugs.
04/12/2011: News about new premises added to Welcome page, and Christmas decorations put up!
26/10/2011: Old Photos by Michael Crewe and John Salmon added.
15/09/2011: Photos of the Running Day added to the Welcome page.
10/09/2011: What we hope is the final version of the vehicle allocation and an extra feeder journey are posted on the
  Running Day page.
07/09/2011: Fleet allocation for Running Day is almost complete.
03/09/2011: Route map, vehicle allocation and details of feeder journeys added to Running Day page.
26/08/2011: Details of routes and vehicles operating updated on the Running Day page.
25/08/2011: Registered office moved to: 9 Edington Street, Liverpool, L15 4NB.
16/08/2011: Photograph of 1276 added.
04/08/2011: Special page added for Running Day. Events page updated. Membership forms updated.
22/07/2011: Pick up points for Safari Park trip added on Events page.
12/07/2011: New item added to Events page (First Chester's last Leylands in service on 20th August).
07/07/2011: New page for recently acquired 2160 (MUA 45P). "Welcome" page updated.
06/07/2011: Membership forms updated.
13/06/2011: Events page updated - service 31/32 event on 28th June cancelled.
08/06/2011: Events page revised and combined to include both our own events, and those organised by others.
21/05/2011: Urgent appeal to help save 2160 (MUA 45P) added.
10/05/2011: Our Events page updated (change to date of Knowsley Safari Park event).
24/04/2011: Pictures from Easter Day "Buses to Page Moss" event added on Welcome page.
09/04/2011: Dewsbury Bus Museum events added to Other People's Events page.
11/03/2011: New e-mail address for membership enquiries:
05/03/2011: Events section divided into a page each for our own events, and other people's events.
02/03/2011: Some more websites added to the Links page
18/02/2011: Details of "Wallasey Tunnel 40" added to the Events page.
15/02/2011: Details of Dewsbury Bus Museum Open Day added to the Events page.
09/02/2011: A few more interesting websites added to the Links page.
06/02/2011: A few more items added to the Events page and the history of 0238 expanded - including some exciting pics!
02/02/2011: Events page updated with details of Arriva Tour (Yorkshire)
22/01/2011: New page added about bus 1300.
22/01/2011: New "in service" photograph of 0027 added.
20/01/2011: New membership forms added (including Standing Order and Gift Aid forms).
18/01/2011: Guestbook page added.
15/01/2011: New page of YouTube videos added.
08/01/2011: Panther destination game added.
31/12/2010: Site went live on official address -
22/12/2010: Site went live on a temporary address.